Ad Astra Law Group, LLP

Ad Astra Law Group represents clients of any size in a variety of litigation matters through trial and appeal. We are focused on business and commercial litigation, employment disputes, public entity representation, real estate and construction issues, and cases of public interest. To round out our business-focused practice we also offer trademark registration. Finally, we offer estate planning services, for we believe that all of our clients would benefit from having their assets distributed in a thoughtful manner.

Like most law firms, we resolve many of our cases through settlement and mediation, but we have the experience, knowledge and desire to try cases to a jury or judge in any federal or state court in California. We also present cases for clients in binding arbitration proceedings.

The law firm name is taken from the Latin phrase “Per aspera ad astra” which means "Through hardships to the stars." In sum, we relish guiding our clients through the difficulties of litigation to achieve their goals. Ad Astra was founded in part on the principle that clients should have direct and immediate access to their attorney. To that end, we have established a confidential and secure web-based portal. Through this extranet, information and documents can be quickly exchanged between clients and the lawyers in a cost-efficient manner.

Ad Astra's Core Values

• Refuse to accept the ordinary
• Embrace the truth
• Bring a creative and objective perspective to each case and client


Ad Astra Law Group, LLP is controlled by a 2/3 majority of female partners.  The firm is in the process of obtaining Women's Business Enterprise National Counsel and “WOLF” (Women Owned Law Firm) certifications.